Send Flowers and Plants in Milan

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Tel. +39 02 33603738
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Send Flowers and Plants in Milan

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- Sale of fresh flowers: compositions, bouquets, arrangements, settings for tables or churches, trade fairs and stands, meeting rooms, etc.

Stage settings: for flowers and botanical structures.

- Sale or rental: plants of every type, indoor and outdoor, settings and arrangements available on request.

- Decorations: large or small for every event and occasion, from weddings to baptisms, parties, meetings, events both happy and sad.

- Window Displays: according to requirements.

- Artificial plants: both plants and flowers as required.

- Compositions: beautiful flower arrangements for every occasion.

- Laurel Crowns: for Graduation.

- Elaborated Flowers: artificial, dried, established.

- Funeral Flowers: coffin cover, wreaths, cushions, baskets, as desired.

- Outside Areas: plants for your terrace, balcony or garden as required.

- Rental: fresh or artificial plants and flowers, decorations and furniture as required.

- Planning Team: to create a project for any area and function.

- Creative Team: for ideas for your terrace, balcony or garden at home or at work. For any event or occasion.

- Irrigation systems: for any location.

- Maintenance: a service to look after and maintain your plants and flowers all year around. Replanting, pruning, fertilising, spraying, etc.

- Furnishings: as required.

- Presents and Gifts: something for everyone.

- Minerals and Stones: the energy of minerals in your environment.